Dave Erickson is an electric and acoustic guitarist and composer from Denver, CO, USA. Dave’s influences and passion for music have spanned many genres of music including jazz, rock, blues, latin, R&B, folk, & classical. Over the years, Dave has developed his own unique musical and guitar style, and has independently released three highly original CDs over the last few years.  ​Recently in 2015, Dave released the second Dave Erickson Project CD CD "City Nights".
Dave released the debut contemporary jazz CD "Pinnacle" with the Dave Erickson Project (DEP) in 2013. in 2014, Dave collaborated with Jim Carr and formed the acoustic guitar duo New Latitude to share their passion for instrumental acoustic guitar music. They released their debut CD “Convergence" in 2014.
Musicians (musicians on CDs)
Dave Erickson Project "City Nights"
CD - 2015
Dave Erickson - Electric Guitar
Chuck Leichner - Acoustic Piano, Keyboards
Deon Kuhl - Drums, Percussion
Robert Strickland - Fretted & Fretless Electric Bass

Dave Erickson Project "Pinnacle" CD - 2013
Dave Erickson - Electric Guitars
Chuck Leichner - Keyboards, Acoustic Piano
Deon Kuhl - Drums, Percussion
​Rick Brough - Electric Bass​

New Latitude "Convergence" CD - 2014

Dave Erickson - Acoustic Guitars

Jim Carr - Acoustic Guitars, Electric Bass

Eduardo Bijoux Barbosa - Acoustic Bass

David Young - Drums & Percussion (all songs except Seven Falls and Eastern Square)

Deon Kuhl - Drums (on Seven Falls and Eastern Square)